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Memorable Events Grow From SEED

Sacred Element Event Designs specializes in custom and unique stage art, décor and integrated design. With knowledge of entertainment industry systems, SEED integrates its elements seamlessly with lighting and other stage trades to design a complete visual experience. From single elements to full custom stages, Sacred Element can make any stage into an elevated visual experience.

In addition to stages for bands and dj/producers, SEED creates artistic environments. Adding colored lights at night or ambient and interactive decoration to a room or area, can transform an event. Sacred Element can add altars, fountains, fire features, shade structures, path lighting, indoor re-wilding, space transformation and more to an event.

The SEED Packages

SEED offers rental and installation of beautiful hand made stock pieces that can be combined to make an impactful and unique stage experience. These house pieces can also be mixed with custom ordered elements to make an original and brand recognizable stage. Whether we are bringing your ideas to life or helping you find the look you want, SEED can help grow your event, inspire your audience and build the look that people will recognize.

The SEED Special
The SEED Special is a selection of stock elements combined in a unique way to fit your needs and style. Most often this is a background and DJ booth / table or foreground / stage framing element. Options here also can include simple stage skirting to more complex designs and can even include water features and/or a fire element. Plant the SEED with this simple and all inclusive package.
The SEED Custom
The SEED Custom is a package that combines stock pieces with custom requests for designs not on the menu of currently available elements. SEED can work with simple requests to elaborate, whole stage designs. With the SEED Custom order all stage pieces and designs are the property of SEED and will be kept after the event. This package includes a 1hr. phone call, several emails and 2-3 drawings per custom element to establish the new design specifications. Creativity is our friend and almost anything is possible.
The SEED Brand Builder
The SEED Brand Builder is a package that combines stock elements with custom designs that the customer will own after the event to build brand recognition. This package ranges from mostly stock items with one or a few custom pieces, to complete stage designs and installations. Custom road cases and installation instructions are available with a SEED Brand Builder package for events or touring artists. Please note that any requests with brand names or symbols of your event automatically fall into this category. This package includes up to 3 1hr. phone calls, up to 10 emails and 2-6 drawings per custom element to solidify the design specifications. SEED can help grow your brand into something recognizable world wide.

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